Date: August 24
Time: 18:00-20:00
Venue: Grønland Church
Tickets: here
Beharie is a musical melting pot made by Christian Beharie. Growing up among The Fugees, Sting and Bob Marley Beharies music have a taste of timeless and urban sound to it.
The soulful meets the electronic and the traditional meets the modern in Beharie. The result is catchy melodies spiced with challenging elements that is stretching towards pop music.
The first taste of Beharies universe was born 3rd May 2019 through the release of the single "Losing My Mind". This is the first song on his debut EP, a project with songs about identity, belonging and love.
“This song is about being an introvert soul in a world that is extrovert, and that is can feel overwhelming not to be good enough"
Welcome to a beautiful double concert in the pretty Grønland Church with Beharie (NO) and Prayersoul (ZW). This will be a magical night with music influenced by RnB and neo-soul.
The concert is supported by Oslo Kommune and Arts Council Norway