Date: August 23
Venue: Caféteatret
Time: 22.00-22.40
Tickets: here
Electric Jalaba is a London based band that takes Maroccan Gnawa music to a new level. It is a musical meeting between four British incredibly talented brothers, one Italian-English drummer named Dave de Rose and the Gnawa master Simo Lagnawi.
The band play traditional songs about mystic women, colorful spirits, men that can divide oceans and conquerors. These stories are woven together with catchy rhythms, analogue effects and distorted guitars, which creates an unforgettable impression and a magical musical journey. The last six years the band have played at some of the largest festivals in Great Britain and Europe; Bestival, Latitude, Boomtown, Rockit (IT), Respect (CZK), ReReRiga (LVA) and the Maroccan festival Mawazine.
We are incredibly proud to present Electric Jalaba at Oslo Afro Arts Festival 2019!
The concert is supported by Oslo Kommune and Arts Council Norway