Date: August 24
Venue: Bakgårdfest (IKM/Jenssens Have)
Free entrance
Inkululeko = Freedom!
Choir singing is a vital part of South African culture. The song was also a strong weapon in the fight against apartheid. Inkululeko was established as a part of this fight in 1987. Their repertoar consist of fightsongs from the apartheid-era, working songs, religious songs, ceremonial songs, lovesongs and childrens songs, mostly traditional South African.
They have formerly performed for both Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, participated at shows at Nordic Black Theatre and cooperated with Zwai Mbula and Tabanka Crew, among others.
Inkululeko is frequently performing at events and concerts at Grønland, and we are happy to have them at the backyard party once again!