Date: August 24
Venue: OAAF Bakgårdsfest (IKM/Jenssens Have)
Free entrance!
Mbirofonia Duo began in 2016 after an unexpected meeting between Eduardo Scaramuzza (Brazilian based in Norway) and Otis Selimane (Mozambican based in Brazil). The emerged from the need to join two different cultures yet with a lot of similarities as the Brazilian and Mozambican. The duo explores folk and traditional songs, dances from Afro Brazilian, Southern Africa universe. Formed in São Paulo the duo has as its main instrument Mbira Nyunga-Nyunga which is an ancestral instrument from Zimbabwe and Mozambique traditions.
"We believe that traditions have a straight connection with people identity. The need to know more about our own culture comes when we meet and experience closer to other traditions and culture"