Plays: on Friday
Venue: Caféteateret
Tickets: press here
NUMA EDEMA (NO/NG): Real soul music isn’t about physical geography; it’s about emotional resonance.
Soul music is true to its name. It comes from inside the artist, and deeply touches the listener. Soul singer-songwriter Numa Edema comes from Norway, but his music is born from universal pathos, the human condition.
Numa posses an intriguing multi-cultural makeup. His roots are Norwegian and Nigerian, and he draws from each as fodder for his music and lyrics. He also gleans inspiration from his writer and musician parents. He writes about universal themes poetically, with empathy and sensitivity.
Numa’s lead single, “Delta Man,” from his debut album, The Hourglass, evokes Bill Withers-esque poetic reflection, slow-burn folk balladry, and vocals that ooze sweet soulful introspection. Back home, Numa has had an unprecedented reception for an indie artist. Oslo, Norway’s powerhouse station NRK P1 added “Delta Man” to its A-list regular rotation, and Numa was invited to perform on TV2 Good Morning Norway. His smoldering soul ballad follow-up single, “Hourglass,” premiered on the prestigious national radio outlet P1 Nitimen. The darkly majestic track shimmers with elegantly essential atmospheric instrumentation,  leaving ample room for Numa’s smoky and sensitive vocal performance. The “Hourglass” single also has been remixed by award-winning electronic and jazz musician Trond Bersu.
Up next, Numa will bring his distinct elegantly expressive soul music, and his pan-cultural perspective, to America. Currently, he’s readying his sophomore album release, an album brimming with soulful hooks, quietfire musicality, and bold vulnerability.