Date: August 25
Venue: Grønland kirke
Time: 19.00
Tickets: here
Tomm Kristiansen is a reporter internationally for NRK and an author. His podcast series "Tomms afrikanske fortellinger" have opened the ears and eyes of both listeners that know and love Africa, and of those who have not yet visited the continent. He has released 17 books, most of them on African politics and everyday life. Kristiansen have been a correspondent for NRK in Harare, Zimbabwe and South Africa, and also been an advisor for president Salva Kiir in South Sudan.
Through his work Kristiansen has met people in both urban and rural areas and witnessed many historical moments. Together with Sidiki Camara on vocals and kora, Kristiansen tells personally how he remember people and the events that have influenced, and still influence the world we live in.
This event is supported Fritt Ord, Oslo Kommune and Arts Council Norway
The event is made in collaboration with Grønland Church