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Each year Oslo Afro Arts Festival (OAAF) leans on enthusiastic volunteers to create a  magical festival feeling. Do you have what it takes to create THAT special feeling? If so, our application form is now open!


As a volunteer at OAAF 2019, you have the opportunity to lift the festival onto new heights. By filling out the registration sheet early you are more likely to secure your desired assignments.


You will find more information about volunteering below the picture. We recommend you to read through this before completing the application form.


We are looking forward to meeting you!


Ticket and merchandise sales

Your job will be to sell and check tickets on site during the festival. You will also sell festival merchandise.

Stage managing

Your job is to manage the program on a given stage. The stage manager makes sure (together with the artist contact) that all the artists are on schedule and enter/exit the stage to the right time.

Artist contact

Your job is to make sure “your” artist follows the given schedule. This includes sound checks, get-ins and performances. You need to make sure that the artist has all it needs (tech, rider) and be available to answer relevant questions.


NB: Must have drivers lisence class B (and preferably also a car)

Your job is to bring artists and/or equipment between festival locations, the airport and workshops. You will have close contact with the artist contacts.

Film & Photography

NB: Must have your own camera. Experience in photography and film is required.

Your job is to take (preferably edit) photos and videos during the festival. This can include concert pictures, live streams and promotional videos.


Your job is to help promote the festival. This includes mass sharing the event on social media platforms, hanging up posters around the city and handing out flyers. This assignment can both be done before and under the festival.

Tech & Rigging

NB: May be physically demanding.

Your job is to help the technicians by i.e. carrying equipment, rising and lowering the stage and other practical tasks.


Your job is to tidy and decorate the venues to make them “festival ready”. All decorating shifts are before the festival.

Child Activities

Your job is to take care of the children. Making sure they are doing well, that the childrens activities are under control and making sure everyone is having a good time.

Super volunteer

Your job is to be a “floater”. You are available on short notice and are able to step in and assist where you are needed.

How much you work depends on your assignment that specific day. All volunteers must work at least 2 days, and each shift will last between 4- 6 hours. If, however, you want to work more than this, you are more than welcome to do so. If this is the case you can write it in the comment section of the registration form or send an e-mail to

The application deadline for the festival is June 15th 2019. Volunteer registrations are binding.

As a volunteer at Oslo Afro Arts Festival you are expected to:

– Show up to your given assignment on time, sober and smiling

– Have read up on the necessary information about the event you are working at (There will be arranged information meetings prior to the festival)

– Contribute as best you can until your shift is over

– Ask if you have questions or feel unsure

– Be the face of the festival and treat it with love and respect

While working at the festival and wearing your volunteer T-shirt any consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited. We want you to be your best self and as professional as possible as you are the face of the festival.

After your shift has ended and you have removed your volunteer T-shirt you are allowed to do as you please. We do, however, encourage you to drink responsibly even after your shift as your behaviour will reflect on the festival.

In the comment section of the application form you can inform us about whether you wish to work with someone. We will make this happen as best as we can, but we can not make guarantees for groups of more than 3 pax.

There are no age restrictions, but each volunteer is obligated to write their date of birth in their registration.

When you arrive at the festival as a volunteer you will receive a volunteer T-shirt. Therefore you should be able to put this over whatever you are wearing. Also there might be a lot of walking, so you should put on comfortable shoes and bring a water bottle.

NB: Don’t forget your smile!

Even though you are doing volunteer work, there are still some great benefits

– A free festival pass which grants access to all festival events

– Oslo Afro Arts volunteer T-shirt

– Food (during your shift(s))

– A signed certificate (if desired)

– An amazing festival experience – and hopefully some new friends

– The magical feeling only volunteering can provide!


If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us at, press the sign up button below or sign up via our page at


Also, If you would like to contribute with administrative and marketing tasks, organising pop-ups, promotions and marketing events before the festival please let us know. We are always looking to expand our team.