Barnas Afrikadag (FREE)
Barnas Afrikadag (FREE)
29 June, 2021

Barnas Afrikadag (FREE)

Barnas Afrikadag / Children’s Africa Day is a collaboration between Baluba and Samspill International Music Network
ADAMA BARRY plays and dances with the children on Children’s Africa Day! Adama plays many different instruments, including the duliaru flute and a string instrument called a fulani guitar with 1 string! He learned to play as a shepherd, and make their own instruments. He decorates the instruments with things he finds in nature or that others no longer have use for.
Join Adama in the woods and the music! Adama Barry is a flutist and guitarist and comes from the Fulani people of Burkina Faso
Adama Barry is a one of a kind musician. His vocals and mastery of various instruments fill his listeners with warm and joyful music, brimming over with the kind of immediacy of life when living is prioritized. Adama grew up in Burkina Faso and belongs to the Fulani people, one of Africa’s largest ethnic groups, spread from Mali to Sudan all across the Sahara Belt. Known for its rich blend of impulses and special rhythms, Fulani music has influenced music cultures across the African continent. True to his roots, Adama carries his heritage through his music with a notable sensitivity to rhythm and melody.
Adama makes his own traditional Fulani string-instruments Djurken and Hoddu as well as flute-instruments such as Duliara. His compositions organically integrate flutes from Mexi-can and Chinese traditions and the Norwegian Mouth Harp, making his music is both au-thentic and playful. Adama performs his music with a rare blend of casual modesty and richness, regularly switching between instruments during songs. His songs rich despite their sparse arrangements, filled with a kind of philosophical density. On stage, Adama never fails to transfer his energy and enthusiasm for music his audience, who invariably join in clapping, singing refrains and dancing to the music.