Refugee|ni|us – Migration of the Soul (FREE)
Refugee|ni|us – Migration of the Soul (FREE)
26 June, 2021

Refugee|ni|us – Migration of the Soul (FREE)

Thursday – Sunday, 26-29 AUGUST 2021
at Kunsthall Oslo

FROM 12:00 – 17:00


Producer: Mona Frank

Curator: Khalid Shatta


“Migration of the Soul” is part of a two-part exhibition platforming refugee and former refugee artists, curated in collaboration with the Oslo-based former refugee painter Khalid Shatta. The exhibition at Kunsthall Oslo presents the masterful paintings and sketches of Khalid.

When discussing the subject of migration, Khalid does not refer to physical migration, but to the sensation of being out of place, and the question of belonging in spirit. His art discusses how our memories, stress, trauma and depression prevent us from utilising our full potential, and how we can be enabled to enjoy the beautiful aspects of the world surrounding us.

Khalid’s work is inspired by modernist painters, but also by ancient civilization and culture, and highly influenced by the diverse local figurative style and patterns of his birthplace, Sudan. In his paintings, Khalid aims to portray the vast diversity of forms, colours, patterns, sounds and smells deriving from the country, looking to explore the concept of painting in different contexts, forms, and styles.

Khalid was also the co-creator of the exhibition “Refugee|ni|us – Refugee, genius, us”, which is exhibited at Grønland Kirke during OAAF.